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Word on the Street

"Apple’s class was so much fun! My mom and I did it for Mother’s Day and it was the perfect way to spend a few hours together! We loved going to the Asian market and trying to recreate Apple’s beautiful dumplings!"

Jim L

“My group and I had an amazing experience making Dumplings with Apple. We loved shopping for the ingredients, all having an individual task creating the Dumplings, and Apple was so personable during the event. We enjoyed getting to know each other. Definitely participate in this experience!! We're excited to make Dumplings on our own at home now.”


“Apple's dumpling making class was excellent! She was engaging, funny, and very caring to all of us. By the end of the class, she turned a group of strangers into a team that worked together and got along very well. Each person had a task and we all rotated so that we could get a chance to learn each step. My boyfriend and I really enjoyed every minute of it, from the dumpling-making, the bubble tea, and the stories shared among all of us. Apple was delightful and her dumplings were delicious - would recommend this class to anyone!”


“This was a really fun unique experience. My husband and I did this as a date afternoon and loved it. I especially liked that she took us to a nearby Chinese market and showed us how to buy all the ingredients. It was a very interactive experience- we were chopping away and all got a chance to practice rolling dumpling, which was hard at first but really satisfying in the end. Plus she taught us how to make bubble tea which is super simple and I’m glad I learned! Overall a great, unique experience. There were groups there and other couples so an excursion for all!”


“This was a great Galentine's Day activity. Apple was a great host and so knowledgeable. She took us shopping for some of the ingredients. It was really fun to see the market. Each person had a specific task to complete and everyone got the opportunity to make the dumplings. Overall my group and I had a great time.”


“This was a wonderful experience! It was very unique and different and was a great cultural experience. Apple was extremely knowledgeable and shared stories and traditions she did when she was young. It was a great experience and it was super exciting! I really enjoyed this class!”


“Apple truly made the entire experience amazing! I bought this as a valentines day/birthday/fun activity gift for my girlfriend. On the day this even took place, we were running a little late and Apple made sure she didn't start without us which was extremely appreciated. She then took us to this hidden chinatown market and showed us where to buy items for the dumplings and bubble tea, while also giving little quizzes along the way to see if anyone had any ideas of what would go in both the vegetarian and meat dumplings. She then gave everyone a separate job. My girlfriend and I had the job of making bubble tea so we made it for all the guests. We then learned how to properly fold and stuff the dumplings. While everyone was participating in this hands-on activity, Apple shared stories of why they make dumplings in her family and the tradition behind dumpling making. It was all so homey and truly amazing. Everyone there absolutely loved it and I felt like we all also bonded over making this traditional meal. I would 100% do this again with Apple as my host. She truly made this a memorable experience!


“My husband and I took our three boys. It was a great experience, we walked to a local Asian market and shopped with Apple for the ingredients and she explained everything! It was such a great thing to give you a full understanding of what goes in and why. She then let everyone choose what they wanted to work on during the class and everyone had a chance to try each of the activities. She didn't hesitate when we said our kids could cook on the stove, she trusted them and let them cook the eggs and eventually the dumplings. They had such a great time!”


“Apple was an incredible instructor! She was very knowledgeable about dumplings and her neighborhood, being an ambassador of Chinese Dumpling making with Reading Terminal Market. She clearly listens to feedback and is eager to make the class as personalized as possible. The class my sister and I attended was in an upscale restaurant which was great because there was a lot of room for us to work. We cannot wait to try and recreate the dumplings for our family in the New Year!”


“This was a great family activity for all ages. Apple hosted 11 of us for dumpling making, which included a shopping tour in a nearby Asian market where we learned about and bought the ingredients. After the market we went to the kitchen site and made the dumpling wrappers, fillings for meat and vegetable dumplings, and steamed them. Apple provided background, instruction and oversight during the entire process. She is kind, patient and very organized. I would recommend this activity to any group of friends, family or colleagues looking to spend some quality time together all working towards a common goal. Plus, you get to enjoy the delicious dumplings when they are done, which is an added bonus!”


“Me and my wife enjoyed making the dumplings. Apple was very engaging and also took us shopping for ingredients to show us which vegetables and meat to choose. The rest of the group was fun and it made the experience even more festive. Definitely would recommend to people looking for a nice activity for the evening.”


"Making dumplings with Apple and her family was a delight! We heard a bit about Chinese culture, met new people, learned the proper way to chop ingredients and assemble dumplings, and got to eat our delicious work! Observing Apple's mother make handmade wrappers and taste testing everything for final approval was especially touching. We went for my son's birthday and it was such a nice activity for all the generations together. A wonderful change from the normal sitting down for a birthday dinner. Would highly recommend!"


"If you are looking for a family friendly experience, I highly recommend Apple’s dumpling making class. She has a sunny attitude that immediately made my family welcome. She planned the experience from start to finish, and guided us along the way. She had a few helpers who were able to provide hands on support, and all members of the class were engaged. My son speaks conversational Chinese, but doesn’t get to practice very often, so he is shy about participating in conversations. Apple encouraged him to have a conversation with her and her helpers. This made the experience extra special. I had the opportunity to learn a new skill and also watch my son interact with friendly people. My heart was filled with pride because Apple and her helpers were so genuine and kind. The dumplings were fantastic! So glad my family learned how t make two varieties. Can’t wait to make them on my own home!"


"Apple and her assistant Faye were wonderful hosts for the dumpling/bubble tea experience. We started out going on a fun trip to a Chinatown grocery store where we got to peruse all sorts of exotic (to me!) foods and pick up what we were going to need to make the dumplings. One guest had a special dietary request, so instead of replacing one of the two dumplings we were already set to make, we got ingredients to make a third type of dumpling! After the market, it was back to Apple's place, where the night's group gathered around the table and took turns chopping, mixing, seasoning, kneading, folding, and finally, cooking up the dumplings - with Apple and Faye guiding us and giving us pointers along the way. I made new friends and felt like family during this experience and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in experiencing something culturally unique and immersive in Philadelphia."


"This was a great experience and I came away feeling like a pro at making dumplings. Apple really knows her stuff and we had a great time learning from her. She welcomed us into her home and made sure everyone had an opportunity to participate in the cooking experience. I have a newfound respect for the time it takes to make really good dumplings from scratch! It was an experience I will never forget and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in taking part in the class!"


“I attended a dumpling making workshop with my wife and seven-year-old son. Apple is a charming and knowledgeable host.
The class is really well-organized and broken into parts. First you shop for ingredients at a market in Chinatown. During this part she shared interesting facts about the neighborhood and the Dumpling making process.
Back at her space she kept everyone busy with different dumpling making tasks. After a while we broke broke into groups and each group worked on making dumplings of various shapes with homemade dough and with pre-made wrappers. This gives everyone a chance to experience the dough making process but also to be able to make a really nice amount during the allotted time.
The Space is really beautiful and had plenty of room for a large group. My son was super excited the whole time and Apple did a great job of paying attention to him without letting him dominate the class that was otherwise populated by adults. I cannot stress enough what a great job she did of making everyone feel at home!
Really really fun from start to finish and the final product was delicious! We had enough where everyone there was super full and still had a nice helping of dumplings to take home. I would highly, highly recommend this class for all ages!

Laura W, 3/3/20

"I am not one to write reviews. The need to disseminate my opinions publicly is not something that even occurs to me. HOWEVER, this experience warrants a glowing review and I am compelled to extoll the virtues of the Dumpling Academy, Yin and her original and brilliant concept of pot sticker pedagogy!
I hosted a small gathering of friends and wanted something unique as entertainment. I hired Yin to give her dumpling presentation at my home for 14 people on a Saturday night. Yin was so patient with my guests (who were imbibing lots of red wine) and easily adapted to their interests. For example, guests were more interested in rolling, stuffing and eating the dumplings than chopping ingredients during the prep. Yin and her partner were flexible and relaxed and remained extremely accommodating allowing the evening to just unfold. The event was such an overwhelming hit that for days I received follow up thank you emails from my guests.

​Yin and her partner were as professional as one could even imagine, from the moment they entered my home until they left. The kitchen was cleaner as they departed than before they arrived; they even took the trash with them. This party was such a smashing success that my husband thinks we need to have another dumpling party soon but with another group of friends. Hire her. You will be ecstatic that you did."

Laura W

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