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Five-Spice Tour of Philly Chinatown/Dim Sum Tasting

Have you wondered where to buy Chinese five-spice powder? or wanted to learn more about Dim Sum, that wonderful brunch served in Chinese Teahouses? Dim Sum, literally meaning “to touch your heart,” is served as an innumerable assortment of delicacies, consisting or varieties of dumplings, steamed dishes, and other goodies.

We will provide an insider's tour of this vibrant community and share fascinating information about the history, culture and food of the area. In this Chinatown tour (depending on the timing), walk through a Chinese herbal medicine shop, a Chinese place of worship, a Chinese bakery to taste amazing bubble tea, an Asian grocery store, a fish market, a bookstore for a Chinese calligraphy demonstration and more, and end with lunch at a Dim Sum restaurant. You should bring money for lunch and purchases they may want to make. This tour allows you to taste, shop, and learn when it comes to Chinatown. 

You get to go with a group, or book a private party tour if you would like to bring just your family. I will bring you around Chinatown, and allow you to learn Chinese culture through food, sights, and historical monuments throughout the community. We stop at all of the shops and restaurants while also being able to visit some of the more important historical and art buildings.

Reservations are needed for the tour on a special date. You can contact me for yours today by calling me at 215-352-4324.

DATE AND TIME: Every Sunday 10:00 am to 1:00pm  
COST: $19/person prepaid + Your Own Lunch Money and Your Purchases in Chinatown   
             $24/person at door + Your Own Lunch Money and Your Purchases in Chinatown  

              Children under 2: Free

              Children 3-12: $10/person

              Children over 12 years, $19/person.

Tickets can be purchased via:

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