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Restaurant Hopping Tour – A Unique Taste of Philly’s Chinatown, The Most Exciting Food and Cultural Walking Tour

The best way to experience Asian restaurants/tea houses in one day. It offers culinary tours of Chinatown, Philadelphia's most delicious neighborhood. It is a part of Five-Spice Philly 2019 Asian Food Festival. Alongside festival favorites, Five-Spice Tour of Philly Chinatown/Dim Sum Tasting during which you will visit ten stops in Chinatown, we are gladly introducing you another brand-new food tour:  Chinatown, forever one of Philly’s most exciting restaurant destinations, 10th Street, Arch Street and Race Street, all home to some of the city’s most iconic and up-and-coming restaurants, with their impressive concentration of great places to eat.

Six places!  Yes that is right, six places!! You will have an opportunity to visit six restaurants/tea houses in Chinatown and sample their signature dishes, a wide variety of amazing food.  In addition, you will have a chance to learn the history of these restaurants and the recipes of their newest dish and tour their facility. More specifically, you will

Discover the cuisine, history, and culture of Philly’s Chinatown. Your guide will lead you though this diverse neighborhood, tasting the exceptional foods that make this area so unique.

Explore the historic landmarks and hidden side streets of this small district that is home to the largest concentration of Chinese people in the western hemisphere.

Taste the most exquisite restaurants and Food: you will be treated to a delicious small plate and/or sample some of delicious food in Chinatown at each stop:

  • The original FAMOUS Dim Sum Garden, also one of the city’s most rewarding restaurant destinations.

  • One of the most upscale restaurants in Chinatown, received 2016 Storefront Design Award for Nightlife for its outstanding design – colored LEDs, sidewalk projections, up-lighting on the building, and interior illumination, making this spot come alive at night.  Along with its delicate canoness style meals, it has attracted all the people in Philadelphia.

  • ​Authentic Malaysian/ Singaporean treats from “A TASTE ABOVE THE REST”, Reviewed by:

       NY Magazine, Daily News,                      Zagats 96/97/98, NY Times,                    The Edge, Best Dining, Gourmet              Magazine, PAPER Magazine,                  Japanese Life-style, Israel’s Top              Chef, New Straits Times/M’sia,                The Sun/M’sia, Die                                  Welt/Germany, The Boston                    Globe, and Chicago Tribune
       Appeared on TV:

       TV Food Network, Fox 5 – Live,              NBC

  • ​A well-known Chinese BBQ shop in Chinatown, best for their roasted ducks.

  • Authentic Chinese Dim Sum for local people.  It offers local traditional food, fried dumplings, Chinese Pancake, Zong zi, Chinese sticky rice dumpling

  • A Hong Kong style bakery shop, milk tea/bubble tea and bakery bun. 

During this food tour, you will be tasting exquisite Asian food while enjoying regional Chinese & other Asian cuisine with a focus on learning the traditional etiquette that is partnered with these fine foods. The tour ends with a classic Chinese pastry, served from one of Chinatown’s favorite bakeries.

Our tastings are equivalent to a progressive dinner, so you can anticipate leaving full, completely satisfied, and with a fresh outlook on Philly Chinatown’s cultural and distinct flavors. 

Join us for an unforgettable experience on an authentic Asia food tasting in the heart of Philly Chinatown! We promise to delight your taste buds with our carefully selected and unique tastings.  

DURATION: Approx. 3 hours in length
MEET: 928 Race St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
WEATHER: Tour take place rain or shine.
DRESS: Wear casual and comfortable shoes and clothing.
FOOD SUBS: We CAN provide food substitutions for vegetarians, but unfortunately CANNOT provide food substitutions for any other food allergies (such as gluten-free or dairy-free). We are sorry for the inconvenience. Our Food Tours have been designed to highlight the best and most distinctive foods from each establishment. 

There isn't always a "next best" option that meets the special dietary needs of each of our guests. Since we have your health (and palate!) in mind, we truly appreciate your understanding on this issue.
COST: $59/person prepaid, $65/person pay at door.
INCLUDED: All food sampling, tasting and a fun afternoon, (enough for a satisfying dinner). You will expect to be full at the end of the tour.
TIPPING: Tour guide gratuities are NOT INCLUDED in the price of the tour. Gratuities are accepted if you had a wonderful experience.
CONTACT: 215-352-4324,
CAPACITY: First sign up, first come. Please note that space is limited, as this is the first-time restaurant hopping tour ever offered in Philly Chinatown!
NOTE: 1) all within a ten-minute walk.
2) You may order a full meal/dish at the restaurant after your tasting, pick it up during the tour or at the end of the tour and bring it home before you leave Chinatown for the night.

3) depending on availability, we may reserve the rights to modify the types of the food you will be tasting.  But you will be guaranteed to tour six restaurants/tea house etc.
4) Depending on the service schedule of the restaurants we are partnering with, we may adjust the order of our visit during the tour.
5) Please alter us your food allergy, although you are responsible for your own food allergy and health condition.  Prepare for your own medical emergency plan.

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