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We are a Philadelphia-based arts and cultural organization which has passionately and actively promoted cultural arts and social development in the Philadelphia Chinatown area. In 2017, we worked with the City and Reading Terminal Market on a series of community projects, 

including the Breaking Bread, Breaking Barriers Dinner Project which brought together individuals from different cultures to sample each other’s cuisines, to learn more about each other’s culture through food. The project parties include Reading Terminal Market, HIAS-PA, and Philadelphia’s Human Relations Commission. We were highly supportive City of Philadelphia’s mission and have played instrumental role in its success.

In addition, we have worked with Reading Terminal Market and PCDC to present iconic Chinese food and culture to the community as part of the Chinese New Year celebration in 2017 and will do so again on February 17, 2018 at Reading Terminal Market.

Further, we are continuing to offer a series of dumpling making classes to the community, especially around the Chinese New Year as it has become our signature show.

Since the beginning of our organization, we have been consistently promoting Chinatown and the City of Philadelphia by offering rich cultural experiences to Philadelphia residents and visitors from all over the world, with our heart, passion and enthusiasm.

In January 2018, to promote Philadelphia Chinatown and the City of Philadelphia, as part of our marketing effort and attempt to increase our revenue, we took our initiative and creatively approached Airbnb. Our devotion and persistence paid off. After we showcased the best of Philadelphia Chinatown and presented our interesting and one-of-a-kind cultural programs, Airbnb expressed their great interest and was extremely impressed with quality of our programs. They have chosen to partner with us and help us promote Philadelphia Chinatown and the City of Philadelphia.

In order to encourage and increase opportunities for involvement and participation in the arts and cultural activities, we recruited volunteers from diverse backgrounds to be part of the cast for our programs’ filming project. After we posted our announcement with the header “Join Us to Promote City of Philadelphia with Airbnb”, we received an overwhelming amount of responses and support from the community. We even had a volunteer drive three hours from Virginia to be part of the team in order to support our community promotional projects. We just successfully completed the two-day long shoot in Chinatown on January 30th and 31st.  
In order to provide more precise information to our guests when we hold cultural tours about Philadelphia’s Chinatown. we did online research about the several mural projects in Chinatown. To preserve and protect the cultural heritage of Philadelphia and encourage a sense of pride and community in the city, we are currently working with a Chinese artist on a mural project to reflect Philadelphia’s ever-growing Chinatown, given the recent cultural and economic development in the Chinese cultural haven.​

Our current board members are past attendees from our programs as they were impressed by our programs. They help support our mission through exercising their leadership and enthusiastically donating their time and energy in directing, strategizing, and guiding our operations. Since they have the first-hand knowledge of our programs, they help provide in-depth and effective advice. Although they are ordinary people and do not hold high profile positions, their roles and contributions to our organization and to our board should be fully recognized, as they were once members of the community and now help to bring the community closer.

As a result of our restless hard work, we have been able to demonstrate its strong leadership in terms of community art and cultural sharing.  Through our passion, initiatives we took, and our supportive volunteers’ donated time, including over a year-long donated services myself, have made us a true community advocate. We have served as a front-line ambassador for the City of Philadelphia, to attract people from all over the world to come to our city and showcase its art and culture.

Our impact on the community and on the City of Philadelphia is highly influential and profound.  Our mission, vision, contributions, and achievements are exceptionally important to the growth and future of the community and are loved by the community, various organizations, and the city itself. Our mission also aligns with the goals of the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania which I believe we are a perfect example of what the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania support. We have worked directly with the Mayor of Philadelphia, the Mayor’s office, Philadelphia’s Human Relations Commission and Reading Terminal Market to support their goals and delivered a high quality cultural experience to the people of Philadelphia with our utmost passion and commitment to creating a community through cultural understanding.

With the support from the city, the state and the community that we serve, we believe our organization will be able to promote the arts and culture and further the mission of both of ours and Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.

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