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Five-Spice Philly

Asian Food and Cultural Festival

费城五味 2019 亚洲美食文化节

Celebrates Authentic and Healthy Asian Food, Soup and Art of living With Us
Five-Spice Philly Asian Cultural and Food programs are designed to excite and inspire food lovers of all ages from the world. 

Programs Offered

Cooking Class, Restaurant Hopping Tour, Five-Spice Tour of Philly Chinatown/Dim Sum Tasting, Private Chinese Dumpling/Sushi Making, Sushi Making Birthday Party and Much More…

Restaurant Hopping Tours

A new way to experience adventure and exotic delights. Whether you are a local or just visiting, we will introduce you to some of the traditional and trendiest, quality Asian dining. You will fall in love with what you see and the food you taste.

Five-Spice Tours of Philly Chinatown/Dim Sum Tasting

We will provide an insider's tour of this vibrant community and share fascinating information about the history, culture, sights, and food of the area. We stop at about ten shops and restaurants, while absorbing some of the more important historical and art buildings. Private tours are also available for booking. Reservation can be made at 215-352-4324.

Cooking Classes/Parties

100% hands-on, you will learn how to cook many real Chinese and other Asian dishes, soup and drink in an authentic way.

Dumpling/Sushi Making Parties

Private dumpling/sushi making birthday parties and other special occasion celebrations can be arranged at your own home or any location you designate in the Philly area.

We have so much to offer… You won’t get disappointed. All our programs are designed to excite and inspire food lovers of all ages from around the world. Come join us! We will take you on an exquisite culinary journey!

Currently seeking government grants, corporate, and private sponsorship. Volunteer opportunities are available.

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