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Chinatown Night Market

We participated in the Chinatown Night Market hosted by PCDC last Fall.  We did dumpling demo and Chinese calligraphy demo during the event and has received wide attention from the audience and had many enthusiastic onlookers.  Two news reporters video-taped and interviewed us.

Our Dumpling Making Parties

We hosted four dumpling making parties as the part of Chinese New Year celebration this year at our Chinatown location.  Each one was huge success.  All of our guests were very enthusiastic about dumpling making!  Our dumpling making parties were so much fun!

What’s Cooking on 1060:
Chinese Food For Chinese New Year

We have been interviewed by “What’s Cooking on 1060” by Hadas Kuznits, of the PHILADELPHIA (CBS) KYW radio station. During the interview, we talked about Chinese food, Chinese New Year, and the Chinese New Year celebration events in Philly Chinatown and PCDC (Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation).

On website:

​What's Cooking on 1060: Chinese Food For Chinese New Year. By Hadas Kuznits PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Next Saturday, January 28 is the Chinese New Year. In this week's segment of What's Cooking on 1060, KYW's Hadas Kuznits has the rundown on what to eat.

​“Five-Spice Philly” known for their Chinatown food tours. In celebration of next week’s Chinese New Year…

“We are going to offer two dumpling parties right at this location.”

She says the one on Saturday quickly sold out.

“So people keep begging us they want a second one, so we offer another one on Sunday, January 29th.”

She says the number one thing to do during the Chinese New Year is…

“Eat! Everyone eats! Just like American people (do) Thanksgiving dinner.”

Kuznits: “So your New Years is like the American Thanksgiving.”


Kuznits: “But with dumplings.”


Other dishes to try:

“I love chicken feet!”

Yes, she said chicken feet.

“I think they put soy sauce inside so it’s a dark color, but it’s sweet and juicy.”

And Beef Tripe which is…


Kuznits: “Stomache?”


Kuznits: “Cow stomache?”


So how does it taste?

“You have to try it. It’s hard to explain.”

For those who don’t eat meat…

“Fish in Chinese is pronounced ‘Ye.’ Ye means you will have leftover, meaning money.”

And there’s something for the vegetarians, too.

“People like to eat an orange during the Chinese New Year because in Chinese we pronounce orange like ‘ju-wese.’ Ju-wese is like fortune.”​

Dumpling Making Demonstration at Reading Terminal Market

We were invited by PCDC (Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation) and did a dumpling making demo at City Kitchen in Reading Terminal Market for the Chinese New Year celebration jointly hosted by PCDC and Reading Terminal Market. City Kitchen uploaded the video to its facebook page within 10 mins after the demo was over.  Five-Spice Philly also produced its own video and uploaded to youtube.

Our WeChat Operation

We operate WeChat, the major Chinese social media platform that is very popular in the Chinese community.  We publish our articles on a daily basis.  We publish weekly guides about the places to visit, the places to eat, and other articles about cultural and food for enjoyment and entertainment for both worlds.  All of our articles are written in Chinese which greatly help local residents in the Chinese community.  As of today, all of our WeChat platform publishing and operation is on a non-profit basis, meaning we do not bring in any revenue from our WeChat operation, thus we are serving the local Chinese community as volunteers.  
We are committed to serve the local community and it is our mission to make contributions to economic, community, social, cultural, health and food development and growth in the Chinese Community, Philly Chinatown and the City of Philadelphia, making Philly Chinatown and  City of  Philadelphia a better place to live, visit, dine, shop and entertain.

Mother's Day Celebration-Dumpling Making Party

For Immediate Release

By News reporter: Olivia Reed

May 15, 2017 (PHILADELPHIA, PA. May 14, 2017)- Five Spice Philly hosted its first Mother’s Day Dumpling Making celebration, where interested customers and families were able to learn about Dumpling making and Chinese culture. Participants were able to acquire new cooking skills while meeting and working with new people in order to get the dumplings completed and enjoyed. The dumpling making class was held in Chinatown at Five Spice Philly’s office at 928 Race Street in Philadelphia.

The class had over a dozen participants who were interested in learning about Dumpling making and Chinese culture. The Founder and CEO of Five Spice Philly, Yin, instructed the class and brought her own expertise and skill, adding to the experience. The class learned new cutting and culinary skills required for dumpling making and each member got to participate in the cooking in some sort of way. The class had the opportunity to learn how to roll the dumpling dough, make the filling, fry and steam the dumplings, and then enjoy all the hard work they put in.

“It was such a great and different experience”, said Leo G, a former intern at Five Spice Philly and participant at the party. “I came on my own in honor of my mother and ended up meeting another person doing the same! It was a lot of fun meeting and working with new people”. He explained that meeting people who also shared his interests in a different culture was enjoyable. There were people there from all different backgrounds. Gottlieb also expressed that working in a group to get all parts of the dumpling making completed was a skill that can be used every day in any capacity.

Vases with Peonies were designed and put together for the mothers by Yin. As a way to incorporate even the youngest of members, mother Melissa W and her daughter Tilly, created a raffle for the members, with the results of each mother getting a special gift to take home, with a big smile in their face and happiness.

Some families at the event relayed that going to a dumpling making party on Mother’s Day was something special and valuable to do on a day about family. “I’m glad we came to this”, said Shannon D, who was here with her son and niece. “It was a great way to spend Mother’s Day and we learned a lot! I plan on using the recipe again and making these at home”. Ms. Durham and her family enjoyed the event so much, they had returned to take pictures with the assistant that helped with the dumpling making to encapture the memory.

Members showed interest when Five Spice Philly announced it would be hosting another similar event for its Father’s Day audience, agreeing it would be another fun and exciting occasion for them to share with their fathers. The Father’s Day Celebration – Dumpling Making event will take place on Sunday, June 18, 2017 from 4-7 p.m.

About Five Spice Philly:

Five-Spice Philly is an organization dedicated to service, showcasing Philadelphia’s thriving International food scene. We seek to bring Philadelphia residents and all incoming visitors the latest in Philadelphia’s cuisine and entertainment. 

Five-Spice Tour of Philly Chinatown/Dim Sum Tasting

We offer Five-Spice Tour of Philly Chinatown/Dim Sum Tasting (our signature program) to many local residents and visitors from all over the world.  We showed them about 10 stores in the Chinatown area, including Fortune Cookie Factory (Sadly it is closed, some of our visitors on the tour was even offering ideas helping donating the factory’s fortune cookie machines to museums because the owner was thinking about scraping the machines to the junk yard).  Our guests shopped and ate in Chinatown and everyone had a great time!

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